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Callaway Rogue Driver 10.5 degree (S)


Stiff Mitsubishi Chemical Tensei AV Series 55 shaft
Good condition

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Callaway Rogue Driver-

Rogue, Rogue Draw and Rogue Sub Zero – all feature a series of technologies that work together to promote faster ball speed.

Two in particular, Jailbreak and X-Face VFT (Variable Face Thickness) technology, support each other in an especially critical way.
“We aligned these technologies to amplify what we call the Jailbreak Effect,” said Dr. Alan Hocknell, head of
Callaway R&D, “which is all about promoting faster ball speed on both center and off-center hits to help
golfers get more average distance on nearly every drive.”

Jailbreak’s function, and how it works, remains the same. The bars’ position inside
the head, behind the face, effectively stiffens the body to prevent the crown and
sole from deforming and bulging outward at impact. That changes how the face
behaves at impact, allowing it to focus more energy on the ball. Callaway calls
that “Energy Lensing,” and it promotes more ball speed for longer distance.

Callaway’s X-Face VFT technology entails varying the thickness of the face in strategic ways and places to help the face flex faster, especially on off-center hits. In Rogue, we enhanced VFT through a sophisticated optimization process that consists of successive iterations using finite element analysis to simulate the impact of the ball at more than 100 unique impact locations on the face. The thicknesses of every point on the face are incrementally adjusted during each iteration, based on the allowable stress limit of the face material and the face-speed limit established by the USGA.

The overall benefit of Jailbreak Effect in all three Rogue drivers is the promotion
of fast ball speed for long distance from a relatively large area of the face, to help golfers
attain long distance more often, both on center-face contact and off-center contact.

“That’s a perpetual goal of ours,” said Hocknell. “No golfer makes
solid impact every time. We continually work to develop new
ways to help golfers maximize their distance on every swing,
even the imperfect ones.”

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