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RG Premium Cabretta Golf Glove Package Set

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RG Golf Glove Package Set includes:

1x White Glove, 1x Black Glove, 1x Grey Glove, 1X Navy Glove, 1X Green Glove

Note: When placing order please note size you want when placing order under notes.

Sizes available are:

Small, Medium, Medium/Large, Large, Extra Large



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RG Premium Cabretta Golf Glove-

All weather grip, soft leather feel


Imported genuine Cabretta leather
Exceptional softness & durability
Precise fit
Keep hand dry with maximum ventilation
Glove care:

Carefully work the glove over your hand, smoothing it back from the fingertips as you put in on. Never pull the glove from the cuff.
If wet or damp, reshape and dry the glove as soon as possible at room temperature and never in sunlight
Use the packing sleeve for protection while not in use.
Never store the glove when it is wet or damp

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