Smash (Impact) Bag

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Golf IQ Impact Bag- Learn the feel of the correct clubface impact.

An ideal training tool for the beginning and intermediate golfer, the Impact Bag provides visual feedback on the quality and accuracy of impact. All you have to do is line up and swing, then take a look at the angle of the proprietary target map to see how you did. If your swing was true, the bag will remain aligned. If your swing missed the target or hit it a skewed angle, the bag will retain the depression for further analysis. On the whole, the bag helps eliminate fat and thin shots and cure slices.

Made of a heavy-duty, high-impact material that quickly fills with sands, towels or clothes, the Impact Bag is perfectly safe for both you and your clubs.

  • Smash the Ball Farther and Straighter
  • Develops correct muscle memory for a repeatable swing.
  • Promotes consistent impact position for added distance.
  • Helps eliminate Fat and Thin shots.
  • Keep the Lead Wrist Flat at Impact
  • Slicers can learn the proper ” club head release ” by driving the toe of the club into the Smash bag target.
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